in\on, bella/rohrer

Seminal Records, feb 2017

"Bella and Rohrer give silence the push that pulls it out of inertia, which alters its initial state, which proposes an existential novelty. Silence is no longer silence, the word is not innocent, sounds (incidental, accidental) are agents of change. (...) It is from there that one builds a language, a communication. The shift from the initial state to an uncertain and endless goal. Bella and Rohrer improvise and thus recreate their own environment. One step and you are no longer in the same place. A sound wave and silence can become music." Fernando Augusto Lopes, Floga-se

"The duo is here all the time digging up sounds. and in / on is about the transmutation of objects and sensitivities as they are displaced from their context, pushed by noise / silence as a catalyst for the “raw update” difference. In place of the plasticity of their earlier works (facies and singing over the bones; forceps and rohrer / somervell), in / on reveals a more tactile character. Bella and Thomas are artisans reshaping objects, inventing tapping. The sound is at your fingertips." GG Albuquerque, Volume Morto

Plotino tell us that the above and the below exist in the human soul. And it is in sound and prayer where these two great realms meet and marry. In Plotinus's word, "A quiet word induces changes in a remote object, and makes itself heard at vast distances - proof of the oneness of all things within the one Soul."

Created and Recorded by Bella and Thomas Rohrer. Produced and Mixed by Bella. Master by Paulo Dantas. Cover art/Design by bella. Photo by Thomas Rohrer. Released by Seminal Records, 2017.