Teta Lírica + UN, Marie Carangi + bella

55SP, nov 2017

Teta Lirica is a performance and sound piece created by Marie Carangi in 2016, which involves the friction relationship between the body and the theremin musical instrument. The singing is uttered by the swaying of teats penetrating the sound-sensitive field of the instrument. The theremin has an antenna that emits a vibrational field in the air, where the musical notes distribute reacting to the vibrations emitted in the body. The degree of approximation between the teats and the antenna, associated with the speed of movement, generates a variation of notes and tones that go from sharp peaks to super grave.

Bella's UN performance works the vibrating of the waters reflected by a light. The light draws imago-sonorous contours, creating a living painting formed by sound, water and light. Interface between science and art, between registers of reality (sound, image, matter), language games with primordial cinema.

The artists presented their respective performances live and on a continuous basis, recorded live and directly on K-7 tape by Hugo Frasa, within the exhibition Contact Transitory, curated by Marcio Harum and Julia Morelli. In a complementary way, the performances jumped to our ears and the vibration of the work practice of both, allusions of meaning somehow complement each other, superimposed on sonority and sorority.

opening vermelho.jpg