ARCOFLUXO, bella + Sanannda Acácia


arcofluxo, dec 2018

"Two prolific explorers of the experimental scene, Bella and Sannanda Acacia (aka Insignificant, aka Quasicrystal) join forces in Arcofluxo. In their first performances, around 2017, they investigated sound feedback properties in association with astrology symbolism. On the album, Arcofluxo took other paths: transmutation of matter and deepening of chronos." GG Albuquerque, Best albums of 2018

the inverted mountain peak
the observer's eyes
~ half-sphere ~
~ FLUX ~

born from water
earth time grows
~ a circular measure ~

ARCOFLUXO was born in 2015. a long climb to the bottom of the sky and sea. lines that pass through surfaces .

matter that overflow sound and evoke abyssal monsters.
~ deepening in the chrono ~ ocean beings ~ topaz ~a primitive fish ~

~ diving is life itself ~