Linear Obsessional Recordings (UK), jul 2018

"I found BELLA+ROHRER+MACK / skitter (LOR112), the second cassette release on LOR, a lot more enjoyable…the first side is a 30-minute improvisation captured in Sao Paulo and called ‘Operação Tampa Buraco’, produced by a compelling mix of acoustic instruments, live tapes, and electronics. Thomas Rohrer, Christopher Mack and bella produced this rich jumble of voices, music, noise and low-key wailing, and then the Scots genius Skitter assembled the results – perhaps by overdubbing – to create the effect of a “double trio”. Plenty of unexpected sound-windows appear, through which leak further interesting events; really loving the hand-made, DIY quality of it all, kind of like an avant-garde version of a Fall bootleg. (...) If you like improv that’s juicy and warm, rather than mannered and cold, look no further. Interestingly, of the threesome only Bella is actually Brazilian, while the rabeca player and saxophonist Rohrer is Swiss, and guitarist Mack is originally from Glasgow." The Sound Projector