Explosão Feminista (publication) - Heloisa Buarque de Holanda

companhia das letras, 2018

explosao feminista.png

A multiple overview of the fourth feminist wave in Brazil from 2013 to today. This book is an occupation book. Professor Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda, one of the most respected and active voices in the country when it comes to feminism, invites women from different backgrounds and fields to address this issue, which since 2013 has gained unprecedented reach. How, in this fourth and surprising wave, has the movement been organized in the streets, networks and politics? How are women positioning themselves in the arts, poetry, cinema, theater, music and academia? When we say "feminisms" in the plural, who exactly are we talking about, and how important is it to make a difference? And finally, who are the veterans who have been making history in Brazil, both culturally and politically? In Feminist Explosion, Heloisa seeks to map how women's militancy on many fronts has established itself as an indispensable and urgent theme in the current debate.