UN by bella

Pan Y Rosas Discos (USA), may 2018

"The latest label release comes from Brazilian artist Bella, and captures a live half-hour performance inspired by water and light.  The piece, titled UN, is as dark as the unmapped fathoms, where furtive movement is often imperceptible and creatures create their own illumination.  One can imagine this piece filling the performance space with reverberation, sound waves bouncing off walls and traveling through bodies.  It’s a visceral experience whose power becomes evident in contrast.  When the deep rumbles retreat, higher tones rush in to fill the gap; when tone dissipates, metallic whispers strive to take control.  The hull of the bathysphere may be strong, but not for a moment are we safe." A Closer Listen

UN cover.jpg

UN – the water’s vibrations reflected by a light draw imago-sound contours, creating a live painting formed by sound, water and light. the interface between science and art, records of reality (sound, image, matter).

recorded live at audio rebel (02 feb 2017) by thiago nassif
mixed by bella and thiago nassif
mastered by felipe marino
cover art by bella (still from UN‘s video directed by sergio mekler)