som da casa (sound of the house), bella + mariana guimarães

(2018) Museu do Amanhã

"Som da casa" aims at cartography and capture of sounds produced in the homework, which are socially attributed to the figure of women by the patriarchal system. Practices such as washing, ironing, sewing, embroidering etc. are considered quiet and minor practices because they are related to the house, the woman, the housekeepers. We propose to sound these invisible practices in an attempt to get closer to the primitiveness of the house and the sounds that originate and generate the dwelling to create a tension between the echoes and reverberations, with the echoes and reverberations of the house. Deconstructing and revealing through material noises and action itself socially instituted and oppressive practices that legitimize gender violence, disqualification of domestic work and child-rearing. Give voice to precarious housework and affirm the struggle and militancy against issues of gender oppression and the ethics of care.

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